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243 Sustainable Environmental Agro Solutions - SEAS

Uddybning af projektets formål:

Overall objective:

To consolidate efforts in environment conservation through advocacy and creating awareness on sustainable environment practices in rural communities in Uganda

Specific objective:
The members of the farmer field environmental groups ( FFEG ) will be educated in sustainable

 environmental methods to address energy, water management, food security, tree planting and agroforestry, agrowaste management and organic farming.


The members of the FFEG will implement what they have learnt and disseminate their experiences to their communities.


Local leaders and even leaders at the national level should increase their knowledge on existing environmental challenges and lobby for collective action through dissemination, formulation and implementation of existing laws.


Forventet resultat:


FFEGs have been formed in all 15 participating sub-counties and all the members have acquired knowledge on the 7 thematic areas.


All members of the FFEGs have implemented at least 2 of the thematic areas and members of the community have asked for training by the FFEGs

In the majority of the sub-counties the leaders have incorporated environmental issues in their work plans and formulated environmental byelaws.


Planlagte aktiviteter:


  1. Previsit and Baseline (in one trip) . Before application
  2. Staff training

 Project staff will be trained in all thematic areas and trainings will be broken into three phases and these will be accompanied by field visits to demonstration sites


3.      Procurement of project equipment


These include 2 laptops, 1 camera, 1 printer and 1 scanner.

 4.      Planning and review meetings


We shall have 17 planning and review meetings during the project period. Venues will be revolving.

 5.      Development of IEC materials eg posters, flyers and reference materials

 6.      Awareness seminars


We shall have two awareness seminars in every subcounty for the community, cultural and religious leaders, 1 in every subcounty for the subcounty leaders at different venues where they will be informed about the project and their role in the project.

 7.      FFEG training.

8.      Trainings


A. Agroforestry and treeplanting

 -Boundary planting

 -Woodlot establishment


-Planting trees along river banks

-2 Selected nursery attendants will be trained in tree nursery establishment and management from every subcounty. They will be paid with money from the project budget until they start to sell 



-Nurseries will be set up in every subcounty after consultation with extension staff.

 Agroforestry methodology


B. Food security

 -Establishment of food banks. Communal food banks in Budaka and Soroti will be established. We will also conduct a baseline study before their establishment.


-Fish farming

 -Both communal and individual fish ponds will be set up in soroti, bulambuli and bududa.



 -Individuals who have the requirements for setting up bee hives will qualify to implement bee keeping under the project


-Green houses

-One communal greenhouse will be set up in each district under the project


Family planning

 -For both gender during awareness seminars after refer to the health centers


C. Sustainable energy solutions

 -Biogas - Domestic installations will be made under the revolving fund


-Stoves - TOTs will be trained to make stoves for domestic use

 -Solar – participants will be encouraged to purchase Solar for domestic use after sensitization.


D. Agrowaste management

 -Manure making this is meant especially to support backyard gardening


-Briquettes – 1 group in every district will receive a briquette machine

 -Animal feeds


-Garbage sorting and disposal


 E. Water management

-Focus on water harvesting. TOTs will be encouraged to purchase storage containers or build underground tanks using the revolving fund.

9. Follow ups

10. Publicity

11. Monitoring visit by SwB Denmark and 2 by SwB Uganda

12. Evaluation

Tilvejebringning af midler: 

SuG ansøgning er imødekommet med 2.070.000 mio kr.



Via the FFEG, the connection to VSLAs and Byelaws by Sub-counties


Partene i Syd: 






Projektnummer: 243

15. januar 2019 kl. 22:49


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  • Lone Jacobsen
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  • Niels Boldsen


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