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245 Reduction and empowerment of young female dropouts and teenage mothers in Soroti District, Uganda

Uddybning af projektets formål:

Long term objective:

 To change the mind set in the community in order to reduce the number of child mothers and the drop out rate among female teenagers and the social consequences of the high dropout rate as too many teenagers are forced to live in the streets, without an education and without income possibilities in the formal sectors.

 Short term objectives:

 1. to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies and the number of dropouts.

 2. to give those who have dropped out of school a kind of practical education in order to give them a chance to generate their own income.

 3. to sensitize the community and its leaders about the problems and how they can be reduced.

Forventet resultat:

Long term output

To develop a model for reducing teenage pregnancy and school dropout through adapted skills training and sex education.

To create an enabling environment for sex education and a sustainable economic environment that leads to basic life skills, employment for the young and contributes to the reduction of teenage pregnancies and poverty.  

Short term output

·        The number of teenage pregnancies will be reduced

·        The dropout rate will be reduced

·        The number of female teenagers living in the street and living of income from the informal sector will be reduced

·        A substantial number of the members of the primary target group has become able to generate an income based on the training they have had in the project

·        The leaders of the community have initiated a campaign to make the population respect the national sexual and marital legislation

Planlagte aktiviteter:

Information about the UN decisions about the rights of children 

Opening of a training and rehabilitation centre.

Social and sexual advisory

FAL for dropouts

Vocational training

Training in adolescent sexual reproductive health

Advocacy. Target groups: Parents, teachers, local authorities, relious leaders


SwB will be responsible for the project as such. Professional support from resource person in Denmark and in uganda. Implementing partner will be CIDI (Community Integrated Development Initiatives. SwB Uganda Limited will monitor the project.

We estimate a final budget below 1 mio DKK

Tilvejebringning af midler:

1. Ansøgning(er) til private eller offentlige fonde: CISU application for the project as such 

2. SuG ansøgning: Transport to Uganda in order to finalize the application with our local partner CIDI and Seniors without Borders Uganda, Limited


We are aware that we will meet some negative response to the project. Especially among the male community and some religious leaders.

We will try to get local sponsorships and it is expected that if the project is succesfull the project can continue with the support from the district, the sub-county and contributions from the churches.

 VSLAs will be organized among the participants who will succeed in getting a job and among their relatives.

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Projektnummer: 245

15. august 2018 kl. 19:54


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  • Anne-Lena la Cour
  • Erna Møller
  • Ruth Noer
  • Nina Fritsdal
  • Ellen Gravsholt
  • Hanne Nicolaisen


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