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Bliv aktiv i SuG

Er du interesseret i at bidrage, så meld dig ind i SuG. Din indsats gør en forskel!

Seniors Without Borders


Development without Borders: 
Seniors without Borders is an association of people who would like to use their experiences and skills for the benefit of the many poor people of this world, after their active working lives.

We offer to help you create the frames for your effort by supporting your ideas through practical help from other members and possible fundraising.

You are also welcome to participate in already ongoing work.

If you have a good idea, please contact us or sign up as a member.

The aim of SwB:
The aim of the association is to use and promote professional and human ressources among seniors who want to contribute to improving life conditions among the world's poor. SwB is independent of political, religious and organizational interests, and their members work unpaid.


Mission and Vision:
SwB is working to connect seniors who share the values, visions, goals and rules of the association with other NGOs and developing efforts working for poor and suppressed people. The vision is that relevant Danish and international organizations cooperate, aiming at securing the basic need for food, clothes, housing, work and legal rights for all human beings.



Values and goals: 

  • sustainable development
  • cooperation based on dialogue and active participation
  • respect for living conditions, social and cultural circumstances 
  • SwB wants to be a highly qualified international NGO with an image of credibility, 
  • efficiency and realism in relation to efforts and target groups
  • SwB aims to use the newest and most relevant research results within technology and social science in its work
  • SwB has a distinct and trustworthy ehical policy directed towards both the necessary humanistic respect for the situation and the sustainability of the efforts 


SwB is organized with a National Board as its highest authority. It has three permanent committees (projects, economy, communication) advising the National Board, the local sections, projects and members. There are four local boards.

SwB has about 50 projects in Afghanistan, India, Uganda, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Gambia, Guinea.


Membership and subscription: 

Fill in the Enrolment formular: Enrolment

or send an email to: sug@seniorerudengraenser.dk